Trying to buy?
Are you struggling to find a property in this difficult market?
Why use a Buyer's Agent?
In a market where there are very few properties and a lot of competition, it can be hard to get a foot in the door. Yet even in or out of lock-down, there are a lot of motivated sellers, so it is still possible to buy with the right help.

A buyers advocate can help you not only find the right property but also help you buy at the right price, regardless of the market.

We access properties that are not yet on the market, or are not listed. This means we give you a head start of the rest of the market - and remove the frustration of yet another missed home purchase at auction.

Buyer Advocates are Licensed Real Estate Agents, and we are familiar with the sales techniques used by agents… but we are on your side. It is like having a personal Estate Agent working exclusively for you and can work the market to your advantage with knowledge of the local area, contacts and expert negotiation skills.

Results Based Case Studies
Mount Eliza, VIC
Saved $150.000+
Purchased for $1.525.000
Found OFF-MARKET via door knocking after 21 days of searching
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Mount Eliza, VIC
Saved $125.000+
Asking Price : $1.250.000 - $1.350.000
Purchased For : $1.175.000
Buyers were searching for more than 6 months.
After engaging Marble St. purchased in 5 days.
The process of helping you to buy a property

Stage 1
• identifying your needs
• discussing the budget
• signing up the agreement
Stage 2
Finding a suitable property through various channels:

  • auction bidding
  • Internet search
  • off-market search
  • pre-market search
  • post-market search
  • door knocking the discussed area
Stage 3
  • negotiating on the price
  • helping with due diligence
  • helping to purchase
Your Buyer's Advocate is happy to communicate on your behalf with Real Estate Agents during the whole buying campaign.
Our Clients Love Us
Financial Benefits
Save money
While Sellers have Real Estate Agents on their side to negotiate the best possible price, a Buyer's Advocate works exclusively for you to reduce the purchase price as much as possible. Plus you will not have to spend money on due diligence when a property is underquoted by the agents.

Professional negotiations
A Buyer's Advocate can help you to save up to 15%* of the purchase price of the property using negotiation skills. (*approx, not guaranteed)

Better choice
A Buyer's Advocate has an access to OFF-MARKET, PRE-MARKET and POST-MARKET properties which gives you more options to choose from.
Informative Benefits
Independent property appraisal
A Buyer's Advocate will conduct an independent appraisal of the property you are interested in, so no one can sell you an overpriced house.

Comparative market analysis
A Buyer's Advocate will provide the data of recently sold and currently selling properties in the desired area within your price range to inform you.

Update on new listings
A Buyer's Advocate will be informing you about new listings constantly monitoring the market.
Emotional Benefits
Save time
A Buyer's Advocate will save you time by doing the search and legwork for you, including door knocking.

Less pressure
A Buyer's Advocate will attend Auctions on your behalf saving you from the pressure you can experience there.

Less stress
A Buyer's Advocate will deal with Real Estate Agents on your behalf protecting you from the sales techniques they normally use with buyers
What do we cost?
Our first meeting is free and the fees are fixed before we commence work. For every one of our clients, they have come out financially ahead.

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