Vendor Advocacy
Why would Sellers need to involve Licensed Estate Agents (Vendor Advocates) in order to find Real Estate Agents to sell their home?
The answer is quite simple —
a Vendor Advocate represents sellers' interests in the first place and works independently choosing the most suitable agent for your property.

There are many great Real Estate Agents, but some can be after a quick sale, not the best price!

For instance, with 2% commissions of a $1M house would bring $20K to the agency, and selling for $20K extra would only add to it $400. However, getting extra money for clients requires effort and good negotiating skills. Unfortunately, not all agents are well-qualified negotiators.
We would only work with the agents who
DO NOT use such techniques:
  • "Buying a listing"
    is when agents deliberately overprice a property pleasing vendors with an appealing figure
  • "Conditioning"
    is when the agreement is signed, but the property is overpriced. Agents start pushing vendors to reduce the price to make it sellable blaming the "poor market response" etc
  • "Underquoting"
    is when the property is undervalued in order to make a quick sale and get quick commissions, while vendors receive a significantly lower figure than they should be getting (even though this technique is illegal in some Australian states, it is still widely used)

The process of helping you to sell a property:
Stage 1
• visiting your property
• identifying your needs
• doing an independent market appraisal
Stage 2
  • interviewing agents
  • negotiating with Real Estate Agents the best commissions and marketing strategies for your property
  • arranging appointments at your house with the shortlisted agents
Stage 3
  • providing you the agents' proposals and choosing the most suitable one
  • advising on the sales agreement details before you sign it
  • assisting you with staging your property
Your Vendor Advocate is happy to communicate on your behalf with Real Estate Agents during the whole selling campaign.
  • Financial Benefits
    Best price
    Helping to choose an agent who can not only sell your property but also negotiate the best possible price for it

    Lower commissions
    Negotiating agent commissions

    Fair marketing strategy
    Assisting with selecting a marketing strategy for advertising your home, but not for promoting agents
  • Informative Benefits
    Independent valuation
    Providing you with an independent valuation of your property to be certain it is not overpriced/undervalued by agents

    Making sure no unethical real estate techniques are used

    Giving advice on styling the property as a good presentation and a fair price are the main factors for a successful sale
  • Emotional Benefits
    Less stress
    Interviewing agents on your behalf, reducing the level of pressure can be put on you

    Save time
    Shortlisting the agents and communicating with them from the beginning of the selling campaign to the moment the property is sold savings your time and energy

    Helping you to understand the process of selling by being on your side
Cost —
Our service is free of charge for the home seller. We get paid by the Real Estate Agent when the property is successfully sold. In order to be considered, the agency should meet our clients' needs.
How to choose the right vendor advocate?
The best way is by asking qualifying questions such as:
  • Are you a member of REIV?
  • Are you a licensed Real Estate Agent?
  • Do you have success stories to share?
  • What is your experience in the Real Estate Industry?
  • Have you attended any trainings on negotiations?
Start selling today!