Case studies
The benefits by the numbers
We've worked with many clients over the years and the best way to expain the true benefits of working with a buyers advocate is to look at the numbers.
Numbers that express savings and time saved.
Innichen Close, Frankston South, VIC
Saved $205.000
Asking Price : $1.250.000 - $1.300.000
Purchased for : $1.095.000
Buyers were actively searching for 18 months,
after engaging our Buyer Advocacy Service bought in 35 days
Wellington Road, Tyabb, VIC
Saved $80.000+
Asking price : $1.250.000 - $1.300.000
Purchased for : $1.187.000
Found and purchased within 20 days after 25 houses inspected
Humphries Road, Mount Eliza, VIC
Saved $125.000+
Asking Price : $1.250.000 - $1.350.000
Purchased For : $1.175.000
Buyers were searching for more than 6 months.
After engaging Marble St. purchased in 5 days
Winona Road, Mount Eliza, VIC
Saved $150.000+
Purchased for $1.525.000
Found OFF-MARKET via door knocking after 21 days of searching
Camelot Court, Mount Eliza, VIC
Saved $50.000+
Purchased for $1.600.000
After engaging Marble St. purchased within 17 days of searching
Ludbrook Ave, Caulfield South, VIC
Saved $100.000+
Purchased for $1.646.000
After engaging Marble St. purchased within 32 days
Bergman Road, Langwarrin, VIC
Saved $100.000+
Purchased during the lockdown for $1.600.000,
OFF-MARKET, sight unseen, 25 days after engaging Marble St.
Layton Crescent, Mount Martha, VIC
Saved $70.000+
Purchased for $882.000, OFF-MARKET, 21 days after engaging Marble St.
Allison Road, Mount Eliza, VIC
Saved $50.000+
Found via door knocking, purchased OFF-MARKET for $1.820.000 during lockdown.
Buyers purchased the FIRST property inspected.

Seaview Avenue, Mornington
Saved $75K
Asking price $1.5M
Purchased for: $1.425
18 months of trying to buy.
Found in 10 days with me, plus 7 days to negotiate.
17 days in total.
Bayview Road, Rosebud
Saved $65K
Asking price $780K-$850K
Purchased for: $785K
7 months of trying to buy.
Found and settled within 10 days of signing.
Client feedback
Violetta Mironova
Land 585m2, Flinders Street, Mentone, VIC
Could not sell for 2 months. After engaging our Vendor Advocacy service sold within 2 weeks.

After our attempt of selling the house miserably failed we have been so blessed to meet Marina. As we are not selling houses everyday Marina's experiences and support were invaluable. She interviewed and engaged the best agent for the job, ensured that there is a proper marketing campaign in place and have done the hard pricing negotiations with the agent. Marina was very proactive and creative in her approach. The place was sold within a couple of weeks. Highly recommend Marina and her unique services.
Jo & Chris Fullalove
3/2/2/977m2, Blair Court, Warranwood, VIC
Asking Price: $800.000
Purchased for: $750.000
Buyers were actively looking for a family home for 12+ months,
after engaging our Buyer Advocacy Service purchased OFF-MARKET in 7 days
Marina was a clear voice for us when we engaged her to negotiate on our home purchase. Her knowledge of the real estate industry and process and her guidance were instrumental in helping us achieve a great price. Marina's negotiation skills are second to none and her tenacity in dealing with agents and sellers is to be commended.
I would recommend Marina to anyone seeking their perfect house, or negotiating a great deal.
Martin & Ana Hughes
5/3/2/1470m2, Humphries Road, Mount Eliza, VIC
Asking Price: $1.250.000 - $1.350.000
Purchased For: $1.175.000
Buyers could not purchase for more than 6 months. After engaging Marble St. bought in 5 days.
Marina is amazing! Our family had been looking to buy a home in the Frankston South/Mount Eliza area for over 6 months. Within a week of meeting Marina, we had bought a house!! Marina is a great communicator and quickly knew exactly what we were looking for in a home, but more importantly she knew exactly how to - in her words - "execute it"! Not only did she save us lots of money, but we enjoyed almost no stress throughout the negotiation process as Marina did all the work. Thanks Marina! We look forward to inviting you for coffee and croissants in our new home!
Brett & Millie Cornish
3/2/2/542m2, Ludbrook Ave, Caulfield South, Vic
Saved $100.000+
Purchased for $1.646.000
After engaging Marble St. purchased within 32 days
Marina was fabulous to work with. She found us our forever home during the middle of such a difficult realestate market that we were almost about to give up! What's more, she saved us a lot of money in the process! She is hard working and very dedicated. She is very responsive and happy to talk/message/email at all hours. Marina was a delight and I highly recommend her services.
Scott & Era Elliott
3/2/2/3427m2, Winona Road, Mount Eliza, VIC
Purchased for $1.525.000
Saved $150.000+
Found OFF-MARKET via door knocking after 21 days of searching
Our family were looking for our next building project having sold our current home and in a market where prices were sky rocketing and demand was high. We knew we needed some help and we were looking for a needle in a haystack with some specific criteria. This is when we met Marina. We knew from her positive attitude and local knowledge that she could help us. And she did. Marina was like a dog with a bone and didn't rest until she found us a new place. She even door knocked the areas we were interested in. Marina found a new home for us off market that ticked all our boxes and well under market value. We would highly recommend Marina for your next home search without a shadow of a doubt. Marina is amazing at what she does.
Huw & Claire Beresford-Wylie
4/2/2/2969m2, Allison Road, Mount Eliza, VIC
Purchased for: $1820.000
Saved $50.000+
Buyers were searching for 6 months+
Bought the first property inspected, found by Marble St. off-market via door knocking.
What can we say about Marina? She is worth her weight in gold! After 6 months of dragging our kids around houses every Saturday, and missing out at multiple auctions and private sales, my husband and I were starting to get quite despondent. Thank goodness someone recommended Marina to us as she has just managed to secure our dream family home, in less than a month! Hallelujah! Marina is a skilled and savvy negotiator and is extremely well-connected and well-respected in the real estate industry. She loves the thrill of the chase and securing a great deal for her clients, even with exceptionally tight timelines. She is a driven and determined character, but is always polite, punctual and professional. She is also happy to take calls or queries any time of the day which was important to us. Marina was able to present us with multiple off-market and pre-market properties which was extremely valuable to us. If you are a bit skeptical about the value of an advocate just ring some of Marina's clients. They couldn't speak more highly of her. Marina we look forward to inviting you over to have a cocktail by the pool when lockdown ends!
Amber Crocker
3/1/1 595m2, Edward Court, Hastings, VIC
Purchased for $700,000
Saved $10,000
Only 10 days from signing on as a client with Marble St. to signing the contract of sale!

Marina has been amazing throughout the process of purchasing my first home. I would have been completely lost without her guidance and help. She worked tirelessly though negotiations and her communication was excellent, calling, texting and emailing at each stage to check in and let me know what was happening with everything at each stage. Thank you so much, I couldn't have done this without you! I will be recommending you to anyone buying on the Mornington peninsula in future!
Tatiana Borodinskaya
Vendor and Purchaser
4/2/2/656m2, Prouse Place, Werribee, VIC
Was 60 days on the market selling her house, had no offers. After engaging our service sold in 2 weeks.
What an outstanding result!!! Yay, I've sold my house in less than 2 weeks. And all because of Marina and her great service!
Marina you are the best!!! Well done!
Guys, I highly recommend Marina's service. You will be fully satisfied with the wholesale/buy process.
Carly Harms
4/3/2/2800m2, Innichen Close, Frankston South, VIC
Asking Price: $1.250.000 - $1.300.000
Purchased for: $1.095.000
Buyers were actively searching for 18 months,
after engaging our Buyer Advocacy service bought in 5 weeks.
WOW! Where do I start.... Marina is incredible! My husband & I had been looking for our forever home for 18 months when our mortgage broker passed on Marina's details. We were hesitant to begin with as we had never used a Buyers Advocate before & thought they were only for businesses. But after meeting Marina one on one multiple times... asking her 1000 questions, poring over the contract AND calling two of her previous clients (who sung her praises) we decided to go for it!!! Marina was so incredibly dedicated to finding us our home. She worked non stop communicating with all the agents in the area we had specified, sending us off market opportunities & arranging one on one appointments prior to them being mandatory. She was able to negotiate $150k off multiple homes. When we found 'the one' which was still out of our price range she came up with a fantastic strategy and secured our home for $100,000 less that the listing price. Her advice & guidance throughout our searching process was crucial in securing our home. She really is one in a million and I will refer her to anyone wanting to Buy or Sell.
Ingrid Conroy
5/2/4/6500m2, Wellington Road, Tyabb, VIC
Asking Price $1.250.000 - $1.300.000
Purchased For: $1.187.000
Bought within 20 days of searching for a house with Marina, 25 houses inspected.
Where do I start? From the moment that Marina reached out to me to executing the contract it was an amazing experience.
Marina is extremely dedicated, professional and personable and I would encourage everyone to use her talents.
I am very excited to put my own stamp on the awesome property that she found for me which exudes so much energy in more ways that one could imagine. Love you Marina!!!
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