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Due diligence is a crucial part of buying a property. We have got it covered working closely with these 5 star professionals
Selling your home with Marble St.
Do you need to sell your home before you can buy?

Marble St. offers a unique selling service for people that want to take advantage of the negotiating power that comes from selling and buying your home at the same time.

We are a licensed real estate agent providing a full sale-to-purchase service that offers unique benefits that you cannot get by using a real estate agent for the sale of your home alone.
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Our offering has benefits that other traditional agents can not offer. There is an inbuilt safety net to ensure we sell your home for the best possible price, so that we can then purchase your new home with the best possible budget for the area and type of home you want.

Avoiding the common traps in selling
There are a few common tactics that you should be aware of as a seller, that are not in your interest. At Marble St. we like to name them and be front and centre on how it is not in our benefit to engage in these tactics.
Tactic #1

"Buying a listing" is a tactic where the agent deliberately overprices a property in order to please the vendor and get the listing. "Conditioning" follows on from here and involves the property being signed at and put on the market for more than the market will buy. Agents start pushing vendors to reduce the price to make it sellable, blaming the "poor market response" etc.

Inevitably the outcome of this is a price that will not be achievable and disappointment for you the seller. For Marble St. as we are also buying your next home, we must make sure we sell – at the best price. Being honest and realistic in both our favours.
Tactic #2

The next tactic is "underquoting" which involves the property being undervalued in order to make a quick sale and get quick commissions, while vendors receive a significantly lower figure than they should be getting (even though this technique is illegal in some Australian states, it is still widely used). Similar to the above, Marble St. want to get the best possible price in order to fund your next purchase!

It's a win-win situation.
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